At Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions, we specialize in delivering the IT solutions and services community healthcare facilities need to survive—and thrive. With our long history of serving rural communities, we bring the insight, understanding and resources required to provide sustainable IT cost structures and critical access to information, the lifeblood vital to operational efficiency and clinical decision-making.

While some healthcare IT firms offer solutions that require ongoing support from multiple vendors, Sisu is different. Sisu’s greatest value is providing interconnected support for all of the different technology comprising your EHR solution. You only need to make a single call to Sisu, and we’ll handle everything from there, bringing a personalized, seasoned approach to your software-as-a-service and other IT project needs.

To discover how Sisu can deliver the IT solutions and services that will help your healthcare facility thrive, get in touch with us at info@sisusolutions.com or 218.529.7951.

Sisu Core Values

Sisu is committed to continuously reflect on our core values. We are committed to:

Customer Satisfaction – knowing our success and satisfaction is a reflection of our customers’ success and satisfaction.

Integrity, Trust, Respect – acting with honesty in all situations; building trust in all relationships; honoring the rights, freedoms, views and property of others.

Knowledge – developing a knowledgeable team to create and support the right solutions for our customers.

Relationships – recognizing trusted relationships internally, with customers and with business partners must be earned.

Communication – maintaining open and truthful communications.

Teamwork – working collaboratively in order to achieve a common goal.

Employee Satisfaction – believing our people are our most important asset.

Operational Excellence – problem-solving, teamwork and leadership enables us to continuously improve all areas of performance.

Financial Responsibility – managing resources and assets in a productive and positive manner.

Our Community – creating real and measurable impact for our community.