Sisu partners with AHIMA and MEDITECH to offer Expanse to future healthcare professionals

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions is proud to serve as the hosting infrastructure partner for AHIMA’s MEDITECH Expanse VLab environment. AHIMA serves numerous colleges, and universities around the country to advance health information education by offering the AHIMA Vlab. Sisu’s partnership with AHIMA, to offer the VLab, helps to bridge the gap between practice and theory, all while using MEDITECH’s most advanced platform: Expanse. Read More

Sisu Director of Business Development, Mike Kovala, is Recipient of The College of St. Scholastica Young Alumni Achievement Award

On October 23, 2019, Mike Kovala, was awarded The College of St. Scholastica’s Young Alumni Achievement Award for 2019. This annual award honors alumni, under the age of 40, who support the College with their time and/or talent, exhibit high achievement levels early in their careers, and live out the Benedictine values through service to others. Read More

Pella Regional Health Center Partners with Sisu for Enhanced IT Support

Pella Regional Health Center has partnered with Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions to improve their Service Desk support. Technology plays a crucial role in modern medicine, providing efficient and accurate information to improve the continuity of care for patients. Even the most advanced technology isn’t error free. Occasionally, technical or user issues pop-up, making the need for fast and skilled support critical. Read More

St. Luke’s Hospital and Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Partner to Improve Efficiency, Patient Care Through State-of-the-Art Technology Platform

Starting in the spring of 2018, St. Luke’s in Duluth will begin a major update to MEDITECH, their EHR (electronic health record) platform, with assistance from a dedicated support team from downtown Duluth healthcare IT company, Sisu. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Recognized for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices for the Second Year in a Row Receives Prestigious When Work Works Award

Duluth, MN – July 12, 2017
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions has been honored with a 2017 When Work Works Award for exemplary workplace practices for the second year in a row.
The prestigious When Work Works Award is part of the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) When Work Works project, a national initiative that helps employers become more successful by transforming the way they view and adopt effective and flexible workplaces. Read More

Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital Partners with Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions and MEDITECH for 6.1x Implementation

Duluth, MN – May 4, 2017
Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital (CCMH) is pleased to announce their partnership with Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions (Sisu) and MEDITECH to implement the MEDITECH 6.1x electronic health record (EHR) platform to improve the integration between clinic and hospital patient care and health information management tasks. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Hires Dan Persons to Drive Exceptional Customer Experience

Duluth, MN — May 1, 2017
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions (Sisu) has hired Dan Persons as its new Vice President of Customer Experience. Persons will be the first person to hold this newly created position at Sisu. The focus of the role is to strongly embed a customer experience focus into the products and services provided by Sisu. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Onsite for Sleepy Eye Medical Center MEDITECH 6.15 Go-Live

Duluth, MN – December 2, 2016
The Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions team will be onsite with Sleepy Eye Medical Center (SEMC) as they go live with the MEDITECH 6.15 electronic health record (EHR) at midnight. Sisu has been working with SEMC for the past twelve months to implement the MEDITECH platform for tracking and caring for the patients at its clinics and hospital. The go-live event marks the beginning of SEMC actively using the MEDITECH software to perform patient care and health information management tasks. Read More

AHIMA Partners with Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions and MEDITECH to Bring State-of-the Art Health IT Software to the Classroom

Duluth, MN – October 7, 2016
The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions are pleased to announce their mutual intention to provide the MEDITECH inpatient electronic health record (EHR) as the newest application under AHIMA’s Virtual Lab (VLab). Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Hires Steve Lawlor as CISO to Continue to Help Rural Providers Avoid Penalties, Prevent Security Breaches

Duluth, MN – September 14, 2016
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions has hired Steve Lawlor, CISSP, as its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). In his role as CISO, Lawlor will work with Sisu’s rural healthcare facility and critical access hospital clients to continue to deliver HIPAA-compliant IT solutions, which maintain the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) and guard against cyberthreats, including ransomware. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Wins When Work Works Award, Attracts Talent Through Flexible Workplace

Duluth, MN – July 19, 2016
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions has won a 2016 When Work Works Award from the Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The award honors organizations that have created effective workplaces based on six evidence-based components that are linked with positive employee and employer outcomes: autonomy, work/life fit, supervisor support for work success, satisfaction with earnings, benefits and opportunities for advancement, opportunities for learning and a culture of trust. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Hires Erika Running to Help Rural Healthcare Providers Manage Revenue, Avoid Setbacks

Duluth, MN – March 22, 2016
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions has hired Erika Running as its Vice President of Analytics. Running will be the first person to hold this newly created position at Sisu. Running is a healthcare revenue cycle expert and IT professional with over 15 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management analytics and optimization, EHR implementation, information technology and project management. She is returning to Sisu after a six-year absence in which she held leadership positions as a systems analyst and a senior consultant with firms Gustafson + Associates and Jacobus Consulting. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Wins Expanded Contract with Dr. John Warner Hospital

Duluth, MN – March 3, 2016
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions has signed a contract with Dr. John Warner Hospital in Clinton, Illinois, to implement MEDITECH’s Medical and Practice Management (MPM) solution. Sisu will integrate the new MPM with the hospital’s current MEDITECH Acute Care System. This integration will allow staff to share medical records and orders between the hospital and its clinic to provide continuity of care across Dr. John Warner Hospital’s patient services.
Read More

Sisu Helps Rural Hospitals Endure: Twin Cities Business Magazine

Duluth, MN – February 25, 2016
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions is in the unique position of having transitioned from an IT department to a business serving the healthcare provider segment with a focus on rural healthcare facilities, including critical access hospitals. This month, Twin Cities Business magazine covered our transformation in their March issue of the magazine. Click below to discover more about how Sisu helps rural hospitals endure. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Wins Contract with Redwood Area Hospital

Duluth, MN – February 9, 2016
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions recently secured a partnership to provide IT solutions to Redwood Area Hospital, a critical access hospital with 25 inpatient beds located in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Redwood Area Hospital has selected Sisu to migrate its MEDITECH electronic health record (EHR) system, including acute, home health and various integrated third-party applications to Sisu’s data center facility for hosting and technical managed services. Read More

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Secures Contract for Sleepy Eye Medical Center

Duluth, MN – October 29, 2015
Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions recently secured a partnership to provide electronic health record (EHR) implementation and managed hosting services to Sleepy Eye Medical Center, an independent hospital and clinic owned and operated by the city of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Read More

Sisu Continues Drive for Growth with Hire of New VP of Program Services

Duluth, MN – October 14, 2015
As part of its continued growth trajectory, Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions has hired Keith Van Beusekom as the Vice President of Program Services. The company has put Van Beusekom at the head of its initiative to expand its program and product offerings, which will deliver an expanded suite of professional and consulting services to healthcare providers, including critical access hospitals and rural healthcare organizations. Read More

Sisu Gears Up for Growth, Hires New Chief Revenue Officer, Executive Account Manager

Duluth, MN – October 9, 2015
As part of its commitment to an aggressive growth strategy, Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions recently hired Kevin McArdle as its Chief Revenue Officer. This move is a critical next step in a long-term strategy to expand Sisu’s client base in the healthcare provider segment with a focus on community and rural healthcare organizations, including critical access hospitals. Read More


ICD-10 Application Boot Camps – Duluth and St. Cloud Options Now Available

July 23-24, 2015 – St. Cloud Area – The College of St. Scholastica St. Cloud Campus, Sartell, MN
August 28-29, 2015 – Duluth Area (Friday and Saturday) – The College of St. Scholastica – Science Building, Room 3209

Join the MHIMA Coding KFA and presenter Cortnie Simmons for hands on ICD-10 application experience! We’ll be diving into real medical records and applying ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes in this 1 or 2 day boot camp focusing on preparing you for the October 1, 2015 compliance date. We will cover CM only on day 1 and using records from multiple settings such as ambulatory clinics, ancillary services, emergency rooms, medical acute care, and other hospital outpatient services. Day 2 will be spent focusing on complex ICD-10-PCS application using live operative notes from both inpatient and ambulatory surgery center cases. Shine up your code books and join us for an active learning session!

St. Cloud Boot Camp Registration

For directions to the St. Cloud CSS Campus building please click go to this site:

Duluth Boot Camp Registration

For directions to the Duluth Campus, please go to this site:


Sisu’s Network Approach to Achieving Meaningful Use

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions, located in Duluth, MN, specializes in delivering IT solutions and services to community health care facilities. They bring with them the understanding and resources required to provide sustainable IT cost structures and critical access to information which is vital to operational efficiency and clinical decision-making. Sisu started as one of the first IT networks comprised of critical access hospitals and now also serve physician practices, behavioral health and long-term care facilities. A focus area of services is assistance with meaningful use.

Among many other health care facilities, Sisu is currently providing its MU service offering to eleven critical access hospitals (CAHs) across Minnesota and Illinois. Of the 11 hospitals, five are currently attesting to Stage 2, with another four expected to start Stage 2 attestation in October after finishing up their final year of Stage 1. The remaining two are in the midst of attesting to Stage 1 for the first time. Throughout the reporting period, Sisu remains in contact with the hospitals, monitoring attestation progress, addressing reporting concerns, and providing guidance. This includes recommendations as to the documentation to retain to support the hospitals attestation claim, which is critical in the event of an MU audit.

Within the 11 hospitals, EHR Clinical Analysts and HIM Directors tend to be key players and are responsible for leading day to day MU efforts. Hospital leadership also plays a critical role in championing the effort. Leadership needs to make it clear that meaningful use is an organizational goal. Several of the facilities have providers who assume the title Physician Champion, however fulfilling the role can be difficult as their primary focus is patient care. Together with the hospitals, Sisu hosts bi-weekly conference calls and quarterly meetings to discuss obstacles, outcomes, new information and touch base on how the respective hospitals are doing in meeting MU criteria. In addition, Sisu provides education as to how the hospital will utilize their EHR to meet the various MU objectives and clinic quality measures.

MU clinic quality measures (CQMs) are being used to report necessary requirements. The hospitals and Sisu continue to refine workflows necessary to electronically capture, extract and report CQMs. “Currently, hospitals are extracting, calculating and submitting simply for MU attestation. I don’t believe they are confident that electronic CQMs will yield the same numerator and denominators compared to the traditional methods of manual record extraction,” Mark revealed. Hospitals continue to rely on the traditional methods of CQM reporting to aid in improving patient care with the goal of a transition to using electronic CQMs in the future. Both the hospitals and Sisu want to ensure that EHR adoption and usage are improving first. “Basically you can’t extract, calculate and report what you don’t capture” stated Mark.

Many of the CQMs introduce new workflows necessary to capture the data elements needed to report quality measures. It has been a challenge moving from a manual to an electronic process of capturing data. For example, one obstacle was moving from a more traditional model of capturing narrative text to a method that allowed for the capturing of discrete data elements.

As with any EHR adoption comes barriers. “Two of the most challenging barriers, specifically for hospitals attesting to Stage 2, are the ability to send and receive summaries of care documents when transitioning patients as well as engaging the patient in accessing their health information” Mark said.

The patient electronic access objective has provided challenges. Specifically the measure which requires patients view, download or transmit their information during the attestation period. “It has been very difficult to achieve this measure” Mark replied. Even though patients have been educated on the availability of their health information and are encouraged to access it, once they leave the confines of a hospital you cannot control whether or not they will follow through.

On a similar note, although many hospitals have the ability to send and receive summaries of care, some facilities are not yet able. While HIE adoption is growing, the ability to exchange has been difficult. Health information exchange is dependent on a willingness and the technical capabilities of the parties you wish to exchange with as well as the fact that HIE related initiatives and timelines can differ between organizations.

When asked what concerns Sisu may have in regard to privacy and security, Mark shared that it’s always a forefront concern. “With the introduction of patient portals it has been challenging to strike a balance between providing health information to the patient yet not jeopardizing the privacy and security of the patient’s data.”

Sisu continues to achieve positive outcomes with the hospitals they work with. MU objectives and measures have pushed hospitals to increase EHR adoption and to focus on more uniform data capture. For example, ensuring that medication allergies are captured for every patient, whether it be listing known allergies or indicating the patient has “no known allergies” rather than leaving it blank. Sisu is continually working with the hospitals to improve these outcomes. Their goal is not to just meet the measure’s threshold, but to strive for 100%.

Sisu has utilized REACH services many times over the years and shared that they have been an invaluable resource. “When it comes to interpretation of the CMS and ONC final rules, I consider REACH as a source of truth” said Mark. “Sometimes one may want interpret a rule to meet the needs of their facility but REACH can provide you an objective prospective”. Mark said that together with REACH, they are able to do outstanding work with their hospitals. He shared that REACH has been patient, understanding and diligent in researching issues. “We feel very fortunate to be able to with work them.”

Sisu is committed to continuously reflecting upon their core values which is why they are so valuable as well as instrumental to all of the facilities they work with. They continue to do such important work, not only with hospitals but with physician practices, behavioral health and long-term care facilities, providing IT solutions and services that community health care facilities need to survive – and thrive.


Small Hospitals, Big Support

North Valley Health Center and Dr. John Warner Hospital go-LIVE on MEDITECH’s EHR with support from Sisu.

North Valley Health Center (Warren, MN) and Dr. John Warner Hospital (Clinton, IL) are both critical access hospitals with under 25 acute beds and staff resources to match. With such limited resources, these hospitals had to figure out a way to implement the system without sacrificing the quality of their patient care.

The answer? Sisu, a cloud/hosting service that provides seasoned technicians, certified data center facilities, and implementation resources – an all-in-one solution ideal for community and critical access hospitals.

“Sisu’s greatest value is providing interconnected support for all of the different technology comprising your EHR solution,” says Jodi Nelson, VP of Healthcare Applications at Sisu. “We are the ‘glue’ that binds it all together. Our customers only need to make one call to Sisu. We will handle it from there.”

Sisu supplies a MEDITECH-hosted solution, implementation of the software, and application support services for years following the implementation, including help desk services available around-the-clock. During the implementation, Sisu handles workflow analysis and design, system build and testing, end-user training, Go-LIVE and Post-LIVE support, and Meaningful Use guidance.

Combined with MEDITECH’s own implementation and support services, all of North Valley’s and Dr. John Warner’s needs were covered. The staffs at both hospitals were able to focus on improving patient care.

On April 1, North Valley went LIVE with their MEDITECH EHR. “Sisu and MEDITECH staff collaborated well, and helped us make the transition from our existing EHR to MEDITECH’s EHR solution,” says Ashley King, CEO at North Valley. “Our facility is impressed with the expertise and coordination that made the change such a success.”

Dr. John Warner followed with their LIVE on May 1. Site Project Manager Kathy Isaac expressed similar enthusiasm about the outcome of the project. “I am extremely satisfied with the overall implementation of our MEDITECH information system,” she said. “We were able to go-LIVE with all financial, clinical and physician applications in an 8 month condensed timeline. The Sisu team was able to take on certain areas of the implementation such as dictionary build and end-user training that would have been time and cost prohibitive for us in a shortened timeline.”

For more information about Sisu’s services, please contact Sisu at 218-529-7900.

MUSE 2014 Logo

Sisu Staff to Give Two Presentations at MUSE 2014

Sisu will again have a presence at MUSE this year! Not only will we be set up in booth #625, but we also have two members of the Sisu team scheduled to give presentations on Thursday, May 29th.

Jen Miller will present “5.66 CS RXM Integrated Acute and Ambulatory Medications” in “Dallas 5” from 9am-10am on the 29th, and from 10am-10:55 in “Texas 4”, Jonathon Forsman will present “5.66 CS Patient and Consumer Health Portal Implementation and CCD Value Set Mapping”.

Hope to see you there!

Duluth-based healthcare IT solution provider unveils revitalized look

Sisu rebrand reflects company’s legacy commitment to community organizations, renowned expertise

February 17, 2014 – Duluth, Minn. – As technology demands increase and budgets tighten, community healthcare facilities seek robust, reliable and cost-effective IT management solutions to support critical applications without making major capital resource investments. And that’s exactly what Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions (formerly Sisu Medical Solutions) delivers. Read More

Best Patient Satisfaction Rating Found at Bigfork Hospital

The Itasca County town of Bigfork may be small in population size, but it is home to the hospital with the best patient satisfaction rating in the state of Minnesota. Sisu client, Bigfork Hospital, has been innovative with its operations and stable in its medical staff. The hospital was highlighted in a story, “Northland hospital is small in size, but huge in customer satisfaction,” featured in the Duluth News Tribune.

How to Innovate on a Limited Budget

Kris Olberg, CIO/CTO for Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions, shares insight on how IT-as-a-service models can help lower operational costs, improve service levels and accelerate deployment of key healthcare applications for community hospitals and clinics in the article, “How to Innovate on a Limited Budget” from Health Management Technology.

Kris Olberg Named CIO/CTO of Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions

August 19, 2013 – Duluth, Minn. – Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions, which specializes in delivering the IT solutions and services community healthcare facilities need to thrive, is pleased to announce Kris Olberg is its new operating CIO/CTO. Kris began her new role on August 19, 2013. Read More