Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Secures Contract for Sleepy Eye Medical Center

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions recently secured a partnership to provide electronic health record (EHR) implementation and managed hosting services to Sleepy Eye Medical Center, an independent hospital and clinic owned and operated by the city of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

Sleepy Eye will be upgrading their EHR system to MEDITECH’s 6.1. As part of that upgrade, Sisu has won the contract as Sleepy Eye’s preferred hosting solution and as their MEDITECH READY-certified implementation consultant.

Sleepy Eye Medical CenterIn addition to providing managed hosting services as part of their contract with Sleepy Eye, Sisu may also deliver clinical, technical and financial analyst support, meaningful use advisory services, interoperability services and wide area network services. In delivering on the contract for Sleepy Eye, Sisu will collaborate with Thriveon Information & Technology out of New Ulm, Minnesota on a variety of technical support services.

“We’re honored and excited to be chosen by Sleepy Eye for this contract,” said Scott Lee, CEO of Sisu. “We tried to go in and understand their needs first. In this case, we knew that our offerings, in partnership with MEDITECH, would give Sleepy Eye a powerful solution for both meaningful use and continuity of care to benefit their patients, their staff and their community.”

“Sleepy Eye Medical Center is thrilled to be working with two strong partners—Sisu and MEDITECH—who both have a proven track record of commitment to rural healthcare providers,” said Sleepy Eye CEO and Administrator, Kevin Sellheim. “We made the decision to partner with Sisu based on that commitment—and praise from others who have partnered with them. Even during the selection process, we have been impressed with their personnel and their willingness to adapt to our needs to ensure a positive outcome. We can’t wait to get started!”

Sleepy Eye Medical Center operates both a licensed Critical Access Hospital with 16 available in-patient beds as well as a hospital clinic that operates as a Medicare-certified Rural Health Clinic. MEDITECH’s latest release—6.1—will offer Sleepy Eye integration across its care centers by centralizing patient records under a single platform

“We’re thrilled to partner with MEDITECH to implement this system and give Sleepy Eye some of the IT tools and means to own their data and remain an independent healthcare provider, dedicated to their community,” added Lee.

Securing this contract represents another major win in a drive to expand Sisu’s client base in the healthcare provider segment with a focus on community and rural healthcare organizations, including Critical Access Hospitals.

“With the market changing and decisions becoming more complex, these decisions aren’t easy for any healthcare provider,” concluded Lee. “We’re pleased Sleepy Eye has placed their trust in us and we’re excited to move forward.”

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