Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions Hires Dan Persons to Drive Exceptional Customer Experience

Duluth, MN — May 1, 2017

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions (Sisu) has hired Dan Persons as its new Vice President of Customer Experience. Persons will be the first person to hold this newly created position at Sisu. The focus of the role is to strongly embed a customer experience focus into the products and services provided by Sisu.

Dan Persons is an IT business leader with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and financial services. He has held senior level positions at UnitedHealth Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Express Scripts, NovoLogix and Thrivent Financial.

Persons says, “The dependency on information technology in healthcare has brought forth high expectations around the availability, speed and accuracy of information. Healthcare professionals expect that their IT solutions and services will work as promised, and those of us who provide these services are accountable for making sure that happens. I’m excited to be part of Sisu and asked to provide this special focus on the customers’ experience.”

Persons will report directly to Kris Olberg, Sisu’s Chief Operating Officer. According to Olberg, “This as a valuable role that provides an important additional emphasis for Sisu. We are a service business, and positive customer experiences are central to our success. I’m excited that we are able to add someone of Dan’s caliber to our senior team to drive a dedicated focus on our customers’ needs.”

Persons will be working closely with Olberg and the rest of the Sisu team to expand its suite of products and services.

Scott Lee, Sisu CEO adds, “We are a solutions company and pride ourselves on the close, high-touch relationships we have with our customers. Such intimate business relationships bring an added emphasis and importance to the types of experience our customers receive from Sisu. That thinking needs to be at the forefront of everything we do. I am very pleased with having Dan join Kris and the customer focused team we have at Sisu.”

About Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions offers IT services and solutions for the healthcare provider segment with a focus on community and rural healthcare organizations, including critical access hospitals. Sisu delivers the insight, understanding and resources required to provide sustainable IT cost structures and critical access to information—the lifeblood of operational efficiency and clinical decision-making. Sisu’s value is rooted in a long history of helping rural healthcare providers stay independent and remain operational amidst the challenges of skill acquisition, low patient volumes, seasonal populations and increasing IT complexity. Founded in 1997, Sisu recognizes the value of employee engagement and has won the When Work Works award for the past two years in a row. Sisu is a recognized leader in rural healthcare IT consulting and has maintained an exemplary customer satisfaction Net Champion Score. Discover more at