Are Unrecognized IT Staffing Costs Hurting Your Bottom Line?

When your organization is deciding between an on-premises hosting solution versus a cloud-based solution, you’ll want to take a hard look at what we at Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions call the "unrecognized costs," especially when it comes to staffing.

We’ve done some recent research with our clients to discover what percentage of each staff member’s time is spent in an IT capacity.

For example, we’ll often assess what portion of your nursing staff’s time is spent
supporting IT, instead of caring for patients.

You might be surprised by the answer at your hospital.

To discover more unrecognized IT staffing costs, you might also ask yourself the following:

1. Who takes on the required clinical and financial reporting?
2. Who is doing your meaningful use reporting?
3. Who is performing any analysis as it comes from the regulatory bodies?
4. Who is reading regulations from CMS and boiling this down to the changes within the system?

If it’s your clinical staff, this is a problem because it may be costing you money.

During a recent audit at a critical access hospital, Sisu discovered some surprising unrecognized staffing costs. This particular hospital reported its IT staffing costs as four full-time equivalencies (FTEs). Sisu worked with the hospital to more closely examine the actual IT work performed by many members of the clinical staff. The reality? The facility was using the equivalent of seven FTEs performing IT functions—and none of these individuals were classified as IT staff.

In order to fully understand all of your IT staffing costs—even the unrecognized ones—you’ll need to understand exactly what percentage of clinical staff time is attributable to IT. How much unrecognized time is your clinical staff spending on IT issues?

By moving to a cloud-based system, you may be able to reduce a number of these unrecognized costs. By outsourcing these IT tasks, you’ll also free up your clinical staff’s time to allow them to do what they do best—caring for patients. You’ll also have a more transparent view of exactly what your IT services are costing your hospital.

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions would be happy to help you audit your organization to uncover any unrecognized costs—and put together a plan to allow your clinical staff to focus on providing the highest level of patient care. Simply get in touch with us at (218) 529-7951 or to get started.