Meaningful Use and “Eliminated” Objectives: Don’t Get Caught Without Necessary Information

August 30th, 2016
Eliminated Meaningful Use Objectives

Each year, when CMS revises its Meaningful Use rules, it may eliminate certain objectives. Your facility may assume this information is no longer important, and you may be tempted to stop capturing this information. However, if you do, you may be left scrambling to meet other important objectives. Read more

Is Your Facility Making These Seven Meaningful Use Mistakes?

August 15th, 2016
Meanigful Use Mistakes

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services continue to make changes to the EHR Incentive Program, your facility may find it challenging to meet the objectives to attest to Meaningful Use. In this Solution Brief, we’ll walk you through the top seven mistakes many facilities make that can derail your Meaningful Use attestation. We’ll also show you our simple and systematic solutions to help you steer clear of these pitfalls. Read more.

Two Seemingly Small Meaningful Use Details That Could Derail Your Attestation

August 10th, 2016
Two Meaningful Use Items

Especially with large initiatives such as attesting to Meaningful Use, it’s easy to ignore the details—and yet, not attending to them can have significant ramifications. In a recent webinar, our in-house Director of Meaningful Use, Mark Sandvick, highlighted two of these seemingly small details to make sure they don’t get overlooked at your facility. Read more

Three Simple Ways to Be Prepared for a Meaningful Use Audit

July 18th, 2016

If your facility is selected to go through a Meaningful Use audit, you’ll only have four weeks or fewer to prepare. In order to reduce stress on your organization and maximize your chances of success, you should continually keep your Meaningful Use supporting documentation complete, well-organized and easily accessible. Our in-house Meaningful Use expert, Mark Sandvick, has put together three ways to help your facility stay prepared in case of an audit. Read more.