Two Seemingly Small Meaningful Use Details That Could Derail Your Attestation

Two Meaningful Use Items

Especially with large initiatives such as attesting to Meaningful Use, it’s easy to ignore the details—and yet, not attending to them can have significant ramifications.

In a recent webinar, our in-house Director of Meaningful Use, Mark Sandvick, highlighted two of these seemingly small details that you might overlook. However, since these two items can have significant repercussions on your ability to attest to Meaningful Use, we want make sure they don’t get overlooked at your facility.

#1 – Accurate Address
Has your facility moved to a new location recently or changed its mailing address? If so, you’ll want to make sure you update this information with CMS, who may use this address to send important correspondence related to your Meaningful Use status. If you haven’t checked your mailing address in a while, make sure to do so ASAP to ensure that you’re receiving all the correspondence you need to attest.

#2 – Valid, Monitored Email Address
CMS also sends a significant number of updates and important information via email. When was the last time you checked to make sure that the email address you have on file with CMS is 1) an email address that’s regularly monitored and 2) a valid email address for someone who still belongs to the organization? If this email is outdated, inaccessible or unmonitored, you could be missing information vital to your Meaningful Use processes. When you double check your physical address, make sure to double-check the email address on file as well.

Although these may seem like small details, by keeping these two addresses up to date you can ensure you don’t miss important updates regarding Meaningful Use, ones that may be key to making sure your facility receives its incentives or avoids penalties.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your organization with its Meaningful Use attestation, get in touch with us. We’ll help you evaluate your needs and your risk factors to make the right decision for your organization. For an initial consultation, reach out to us at or 218.529.7951.