How Transitioning to the Cloud Can Cut Your Implementation Time in Half

When you’ve decided to make a change to your technology environment, the time to implement these solutions can vary dramatically, depending on whether you’re implementing an on-premises or a cloud-based solution.

When you consider an on-premises, large-scale new EHR implementation, you’re probably looking at years to implement if you have a facility involved. In our experience, two to three years is not uncommon in a large-scale, new EHR implementation.

However, if you’re implementing a new EHR system in the cloud, you can probably cut your time by close to half.

At Sisu, we saw this in practice with a recent critical access hospital client. Our client was looking to upgrade its EHR environment from a relatively simple one into a much more complex environment. The upgrade meant moving from a handful of servers to a future state consisting of 50+ servers with a much more complex architecture involving web servers, database servers, application servers and more.

In this case, the on-premise solution was probably going to take about two years from the point of inception to actually getting their new EHR environment to a go-live state.

However, our client ultimately chose an off-premises, cloud-based solution, reducing the procurement and infrastructure to weeks instead of months. Ultimately, they were able to cut the project time in half.

To understand the difference in these two solutions, consider just one factor of this kind of install: the physical requirements. Do you need to make physical improvements to your building? Do you have the floor space and facilities required to house your new technology? Also, consider your heating, air conditioning and cooling. The requirements to keep your information technology infrastructure running are different from what’s required to keep your patients comfortable and your employees happy in the hospital. Are your facilities and your plant staff prepared to take on the installation and maintenance?

You’ll also have to consider whether or not have a power grid strong enough to power your server environment. In northern Minnesota where Sisu is located, the presence of the mining industry means that we have access to a strong power grid. However, in some parts of the country, that infrastructure isn’t present.

Physical requirements are just one of the considerations you’ll want to undertake when deciding whether to move to the cloud. You can see how complex the decision can get—and quickly.

At Sisu, we help our clients understand all the aspects of an on-premises solution versus a cloud-based one to help them make the right decision for their organization. If you’re facing a hardware upgrade or refresh and want to discuss your options, get in touch with us: (218) 529-7951 or We’d be happy to help you understand exactly what you need to know.