Cue The Jeffersons theme song! Sisu is “movin on up” to Hermantown!

Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions is happy to announce that as of October 5, 2020 they have reopened the doors at their new, modern and more accessible location at 4960 Miller Trunk Hwy, Suite 500 in Hermantown, Minnesota.

The new location offers an abundance of natural light, ample free parking, and improved workspaces, all of which were important to employees and a deciding factor for Sisu’s Board and leadership team.

"Sisu had an opportunity to right-size our space, finding a location that is move-in ready with numerous improvements for staff and visitors, says Scott Anderson, Vice President of MEDITECH Practice.

Sisu has been at in its downtown Duluth location for 22 years and is looking forward to starting this new decade in a fresh and welcoming environment.

“The new space provides us the best opportunity to attract clients and improve our work environment while at the same time reducing our overall cost for space,” says CEO, Kevin Boerboom. “I like the idea that our teams will have a comfortable place to gather and collaborate.”