Sisu Help Desk

Our goal is to provide timely and knowledgeable assistance for healthcare professionals.

With constant changes in technology, users need quick, efficient resolutions for their IT issues. Our Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, every day, providing expert assistance to healthcare staff.

Sisu’s Help Desk is built around our desire to provide customer service excellence in the healthcare industry. With our knowledgeable support staff and simple to use self-service portal, we provide an exceptional level of service to the hospitals we serve.

What we offer:

Customizable Support Structure

Sisu staff work with you to develop the support structure that fits your organization. In addition to supporting all Sisu products offerings, our Help Desk can provide phone answering and triage services, full desktop support and assistance with your applications and computer systems.

IT Service Management

Sisu’s advanced IT Service Management allows customers to monitor their requests through the entire fulfillment process. Utilizing dashboards, built-in tools, automation and communications, requests can be effectively managed by each support team member. Customers can also make use of our ticketing system to manager their IT Service Management process including the Sisu Help desk routing issues to onsite support, saving the hospital the cost and resources of purchasing and managing their own IT Service Management system.


Sisu provides detailed monthly reports that are useful for understanding service issues. We also provide dashboards in our IT Service Management system that provide valuable real-time information for current hospital support issues and requests.

Remote Assistance

Many technology issues can be resolved over the phone. However, more involved problems often require access to a customer's screen or desktop. When granted access, Sisu support staff, using industry leading remote assistance tools, can securely access computers remotely to efficiently resolve these types of issues.

Customer Self-Service Portal

In addition to our toll-free Help Desk phone number, customers can use our Self-Service Portal to easily request assistance, update a request or view the history of their service requests.

To discover how Sisu can enhance your IT support infrastructure and help your facility thrive, get in touch with us at or 218.529.7900.